Sep. 11th, 2017


Sep. 11th, 2017 11:24 am
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I am an indifferent gardener at best, but even I had to finally take action against the rogue bushes, tree, and wild grape vines.

With shovel and pick, I yanked out about six rogue plants, some more difficult than others. (One had a freaking huge tap root that will surely be back next year.)

And then there's the wildlife zone that has become wild grape vine central. I've done two shifts so far, the first one freeing the fig tree, and the second one hacking back the zone. My primary tool is an electric hedge trimmer. I've done this by hand before, and even with this freaking dangerous finger amputating auto-maiming device being the world's most awkward tool, I'd rather use it to wade in. Generally, I need to do many downward cuts before I begin with horizontal cuts. Eventually, enough stuff gets cut apart and I can put the foliage out. 

On Friday night, we made our way down to the Woodside Deli for dinner. The trip was agonizing because the traffic was awful, and Jenny has a hard time ordering anything because of her soy issues. Even so, I was determined to actually make it to this location because the other (an more convenient location) now closes at 4pm.

This location is decorated with headshots of famous people, mostly actors. We had fun pointing out who we knew. I was also impressed by how well and gorgeously some of those actresses were stacked. (Insert cartoon wolf.) Oh, baby. For other actresses, those 50's bras were horrors. What also struck me was how staged so many photos now looked. In theory, I knew these shots were mostly staged, but in that format, the staging screamed.

That black and white format survived far later than I anticipated, but I guess it's because black and white is so much cheaper than film, especially with those head shots that were mostly given away as publicity. I didn't see any that dated later than the late 80's. Most likely, any head shots which were in color would stand out too much.

In gaming, my Talisman addiction continues onward. 

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