Dec. 24th, 2003

A Basement

Dec. 24th, 2003 08:50 am
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I have a basement again.

Step one: wait 3 months for the cement to cure.

Okay, maybe, just maybe, I won't get working on this basement thing right away. I can do a bit of the plumming work, power-wash the walls, prime and paint the walls, and a few other things.

I'll be spending Christmas up at Jen's mom's. The shedules is getting packed, as many people that Jen knows want to see her and meet me. I am promised one Devil's hockey game. Whohoo. I haven't seen a hockey game since high school.

I look forward to saying, "Hot damn! Christmas is over!" I enjoy Christmas, but I really don't like all the social pressure. That's not very Christmassy. If Christmas was just spending some time with people that you like, a few pot lucks, a few games, and lots and lots of fun traditions (like Christmas lights and cookies), then I like it. When those things become obligations, then it's not so fun.
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Jen wrote a little op-ed piece that made the Washington Post. (It's much easier when you write well, and your boss knows the editor.)

See it here: Post Article
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I want to wish Merry Christmas to everyone. (Should the MC word not be in your vocabulary, please substitute your appropriate favorate special day.)

I especially want to wish Merry Christmas to all those friends that I have lost track of over the years. Hello, old friends. I hope that times have been good to you. I wish I had a living room for you to sit in and catch up, but the best I can offer is a stool in the kitchen and a bottle of cheap beer. That means that life is good. Maybe you'll browse by these pages. Say hello if you do.

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