Sep. 18th, 2003


Sep. 18th, 2003 12:04 am
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It occurs to me, just right now, that I am getting ready for the strongest storm in my life. I have never been to a stronger one than this. Even the tropical storms when I was young were not as strong. This gives one pause. Yes, very much pause. This is the storm of my life.

The house is a little neater. If I feel insecure, I can sleep by the bathroom. That's where all the walls come together. It's the safest, dryest place, really, unless the roof comes off and water comes down the attic hatch.

This little house has been through alot. She should do fine. I bought this house with that in mind.
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They let us off work early. I popped home and took care of my in-game Star Wars business. While playing after that, the power popped off. I heard a big thoom, and that was it for the power. I'd say it was 3:45 or so. The wind wasn't bad or anything. Even so, we lost power. That's the way my neighborhood goes.

After I lost the computer, I had nothing better to do than clean the kitchen, roll the change, clean up the living room, sort through a closet, and even arrange the paper recycling. I was quite the busy beaver. Now I'll be watching 42nd Street on my laptop. I love my Mac laptop. This is too cool. It's the best thing in a power outage.

I did have the mad plan to hook up the internet via wireless using my UPS's as a power supply. You see, I had shut the off as soon as the power went out. Sad new is, that wasn't enough. Neither would turn on. I am now reduced to using a phone line to access the Internet. This is sooo primitive.

The weekend agenda looks busy. Saturday will be the D&D game. On Sunday, the game group will be meeting up at Ren Fair. If anyone out there plans to be there on Sunday, drop me a line. I'll be showing Jen off (and giving her an excuse to dig into her costume closet), and she'll be showing me off.

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