Sep. 14th, 2003

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Had dinner with Jen's friend Sean on Friday.

Jen had back problems on Saturday. She was not a happy camper. I went home in case the painting folks called. They did not. While it cleared a little in the afternoon, nothing happened. I did take out the weed wacker and attack the back yard. Yes, it was that bad.

Sunday I tripped up to the parents and my brother's birthday party.

In there, I also got homework done and played too much Star Wars.

I installed Solaris 8 onto the old PC. I then discovered that it did not recognize the network card. I then put in a different card, and lo, Solaris was happy. I then tried to install Samba, but Solaris had auto-installed itself into too small of a root partition. I could not install GCC. Not good. I will attempt to get a copy of Solaris 9 tomorrow. That should skip much of this pain. (Yes, Solaris is a pain.)

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