Sep. 1st, 2003

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Jen and I drove out to Great Falls today. We made ourselves some jalapeno cheese, tomato, and chicken sandwhiches, then took off in the sticky morning. We found the Billy Goat trail, then wandered west for a while, past Carder Rock, then up a ways. We eventually picked up the Canal and took the road back. All told, that took us two hours, including lunch. And were we dog tired! The humidity just wholloped us.

I have not been to Carder Rock since about 90. I had friends who did rock climbing back then. I'm thinking Chris Knapp and Kurt Ruckleshause, and maybe Buddy Lewis. I really don't remember who all got into the rock climbing. I never picked up any of the gear, but I did not a few faces.

We went bouldering up at Great Falls once. We were amusing ourselves near the water. The park ranger saw us, told us that we were wading (which including touching the water in any manner), that he was obligated to reported us, and that he was kicking us out of the park instead. That sounds bad, but the Great Falls area of the river kills people. That's not hyperbole. The currents there literally drag you under. I slipped on the rocks myself and came close to falling in. Dang, that could have been me.

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