Aug. 16th, 2003


Aug. 16th, 2003 06:53 pm
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I had an accident today. Perhaps I should say, I avoided an accident, and therefore had an accident.

Jen and I were driving back from the mall, after a brief rain shower on the road. Someone decided to turn left where there's noplace to turn left. Other cars tried to avoid it. One swerved badly and lost control. I avoided it straight into the crosswalk sign. I ran over it right good.

Police came. yadda yadda. Not my fault.

Penelope, my car, did not fare too well. Her front right tire was flat and pushed into the wheel well. Of all the cars in this altercation, I was the only one that could not drive away.

The tow truck guy dropped me off. Now it's time to wind down. I have to sort this all out. Not what I want, but I will work it all out.
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I talked to the guy who got the "at fault." His insurance company is Geico. They will be out to view the car in 48-72 hours or so. Meanwhile, the lot will only hold the car for 72 hours unless I arrange otherwise. On Monday, I will need to arrange otherwise.

One step on. Many steps left to go.

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