Jul. 30th, 2003

dmilewski: (Default)
I folded yesterday, and I bought a decent video card. Yes, I think all my computer problems were just that I was using a terrible video card. Grrr. I did more research on the beast that I was using, and yes, it was a slow beast. Now I have a Radeon 9600 Pro. I believe that I will sell the old card off somehow. I also need to sell the 1700 Athlon to somebody. About $300? It's a decent box for the price. I also want to sell off my old (about 2-3 years) Sony Surround system for about $200.

I think that I can sell the previous video mistake on Amazon or eBay. I don't prefer eBay. I'll try Amazon first. Or maybe I'll sell it if someone wants the PC. It's not a BAD card, especially with bargain bin games.

If you know anyone who is shopping, let me know.

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