Jul. 28th, 2003

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It's been a few days. Quite a few. I feel as if I have waded through the quaggy quagmire of computer modification. Let me explain.

Last week, I decided to update my video card. As a result, my game ran much slower. That's right, slower. The game went, "Oh, you have a much better video card. Let's play with all it's better features," which resulted in a much slower game.

To counteract that, I purchased ram. 512meg, in fact, I popped it into the motherboard, and nothing happened. Nada. Nil. The thing did not come on. I consulted the owner's guide. They had tested the motherboard with a handful of 128 and 256 chips. Nothing bigger. Doh! I had read many bad things about this weird and obscured motherboard maker after I bought it last year. Once again, it's strangeness came to bite at me.

I took the memory back and bought another 256. Great, no? Nope. I had been an idiot and forgot that I only had two slots for my RAM.

Ah, I then thought, I can put in DDR266 ram instead. Shoud I? Do I want to endure yet another trip to the computer store, and return even more stuff? This time, I changed my take on things. I went up to the Computer Place in Gaithersburg. I bought myself an NForce2 motherboard, 1 gig of PC2700 ram, and an AMD 2400 processor. I slapped it all together and it turned off.

It turned off.

On investigation, I found that a screw on the heat sink was half-on. This meant that the heat sink wan't doing it's job, so the anti-overheating circuitry did it's job. Phew! After a while of wrestling with it, I did get it up. Somewhat. It's still not running the correct clock speed and the framerate inside the game is still a bit poor. That's the bad news. The good news is that the game doesn't freeze horribly, can work okay with ALL the eye candy turned up, and can even be overclocked somewhat.

I now want to take my poor video card back and trade it for a better one. (Yes, I am being a trade-in customer from Hell this week.) Only problem now is that I can't find the original install CD. Doh! They will likely take it back, but I just don't know. I rarely lose install disks.

I really don't believe how much Star Wars Galaxies has cost me at this point. Why didn't I just remain happy with my old card? Why didn't I return the new card, being unhappy, and pick up a better card? I'm a computer person, that's why. I have sat on my computer parts habit for years, in order to save money. It's gotten out, and the itch has been scratched.

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