Jul. 6th, 2003

Hot Days

Jul. 6th, 2003 02:11 pm
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It's been a set of rewarding but hot days. Phew!

I spent last night and this morning helping Jen with cooking. Okay, she cooked whilst I stayed out of the way. She was providing for the coffee hour after her church let out, down at Dunbarton Methodist. I traveled with her to help set up, where I put together a fan for the church. The work was simple, but the woman who hosted thought it a mighty accomplishment.

On Friday, Jen pulled me away from the party to see fireworks. We walked towards downtown Herndon, but wound up parking ouselves on a hill and acceptings that we would see the further away fireworks. As it turned out, the place nearby began their fireworks, giving us a terrific view of the show. Wonderful. After the show, all we had to do was walk back. Again, wonderful.

There's been rumbling at the DM in the D&D game. Various upsetnesses have been coming out. He's been a bad boy about game etiquette, mostly. There seems to be an unwritten rule about killing characters -- you avoid it. Between killing characters, making all the NPC's better than us, giving us little to no reward (not even satisfaction), and generally railroading the plot, people have begun feeling frustrated.

A few meta-game rules that I think most people play by:

1. Adult players choose to portray a character in a story. You don't permanently kill them.

2. If characters do die, it better be in an important value or making a impressive gesture. Dying randomly is poor story form. You don't kill absent player's characters.

3. Characters should be the center of the story, or at least feel like it.

4. If you will be running a campaign of "challenging flavor", the players should know this before hand and be able to follow the genre. When one is playing horror, for instance, one is well aware that the PC's start screwed. When one is playing Cthulhu, one is aware that the whole world start screwed.

5. The GM tailors the adventure to the group. Requiring the skills that player do not have is frustrating to the players.

Are there any other unwritten rules that people play by???

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