May. 13th, 2003


May. 13th, 2003 11:09 pm
dmilewski: (Default)
For the very first time, this alumni has given his college money (since school, anyhow). They hit me up for a donation and I buckled.

The final has been taken. I predict an A. We'll see. I can do terrible and still get an A. If I didn't take the final, I would still pass. Damn, I love doing well in school.

I picked up a TV/media stand for 1/2 price at the storage store. Not bad. I paid cash, so once again, I am a bit short on cash for the week. So now I have all the basic electronics on a wheeled stand, moving the stand does not scratch up my floors, everything fits on the car, and I can access everything. Whohoo. Life is good. (Well, I still don't have the turntable and the tape deck hooked up, but I can always hook em up if I need to.)

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