Mar. 27th, 2003

Busy Day

Mar. 27th, 2003 05:07 pm
dmilewski: (Default)
It was a busy day today.

First off, bye-bye Pat Moynihan. You were a voice of reason and sanity within our government. I am sad that there is no one to replace you.

The day started off with a dentist visit. One of my teeth was too sensitive. Then I was off to the place that did my brakes. They were squealing. A few hours later, they were fixed. Next, I got my 60k tuneup at 90k. Another three hours. Finally, I had my eyes checked, as it's been three years.

Yes, it was a busy day, and I played hookey from work. Whohooo.

I had lots of time to walk around and get a a ground-eye view of the neighborhoods. I was able to see all the trash along the side of the road. I could feel the sun. I could see the dirty storm drains emptying into gray streams. I saw grass growing in the grass of the sidewalks. I saw a brand-new building going up. I walked through a tile showroom. I really can't afford tile.

This was a good day to forget stuff. I had nothing to do as I waited, and soon realized just how jumbled my head was. I felt like I stepped down a panic level. Damn, I needed this. :)

Oh, I mean to sell return all that unused tile to Home Depot. I should get a few $$$ for that.

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