Feb. 27th, 2003

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Much rearranging keeps happening about the house. The futon and all the media stuff is now upstairs in the living room. The CD's are still downstairs. The problem of having so many CD's is that I have to find some way to store them upstairs. Problems to work out. Must find a place for the DVD's, too.

So I have a living room again in my living room. The basement is starting to stink from the water. However, I can't do much until I get the area cleared out.

Did I ever tell you that everything is in the wall all the time in every direction in my house? I really must rid myself of crud, then swear to accumulate no more.

The Magnetic Fields keep growing on me. Must buy more Magnetic Fields.

Moving TV upstairs means that I get a clear TV signal again. Whohooo. I can scratch the attic antenna project off my list. I still have a desire to pick up WRNR, but that will happen in time, I hope.

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