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dmilewski ([personal profile] dmilewski) wrote2017-07-11 08:44 am
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Yellow Truck

As I was driving home yesterday, I spotted a huge yellow pickup truck. The thing had to be a custom vehicle. The base of the pickup was a semi-style cab, complete with back seat, while the pickup bed came from one of those big pickups. On this thing, it looked too small simply because the cab was so big.

Why would anyone make that? Aside from "it's cool."

I have two guesses. One is that somebody had a really big boat, as in, "a really BIG boat." The only way to move it around is by using really big truck.

The other possibility is that other people have really big boats, so this guy has a custom truck for moving really big boats. Since there were no advertising on the truck, I assume that he gets paid under the table to move really big boats in the summer months, and does other things on the winter months.

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