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I've sent both Maid of Shadow and Maid of Memory off to my editor for a final round of cleanup editing. Meanwhile, she's hammering through her primary edit of Maid of Hope.

My new series after that is quite a change of pace. Inspired by the JRPG genre, such as Final Fantasy, Crystal Hope follows the exploits of five teenage girls determined to save the Great Crystals by gaining powers and abilities, fighting bosses, and learning to value each other.
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I'm getting close to completing the second leg of my Crystal Hope novellas. I need to start shopping for an artist to do the covers.

I'm still wrestling through the edits on Maid of Shadow. I've got the simple ones done. Now I'm into the two harder sections. The hardest section is where the book turns, and it's hard because it's hard. After that, I'll accept all changes in the document and start reading.

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