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Sep. 1st, 2017 08:57 am
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 It's a big cross-author Labor Day sale. You can pick up a copy of Visionary for only $0.99. While you're at it, buy more more more. 
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How can we abuse the Talisman rules set? Let's design something stupid.

Wedding Ring.

Multiple players run around seeking wedded bliss, and the one who reaches Mr/Ms Perfect wins the game. In a blistering commentary on today's run-around dating and wedding system, this game shows us the worst and best of everything marriage.

Followers are still followers, but some followers are suitors. Most other card types remain the same. (Yes, this does mean that you drag you suitors around and use them with no intention of ever marrying one. You want Mr./Ms. Perfect.)

Possible cards:

Annoying Aunt, Craft 3
Bouquet, +1 strength
Deathly Boring Date, lose 1 life
Hangover, lose 1 turn
Your Crazy Ex, 6 str and 6 cr, against your weakest stat
Killer Outfit, +1 str and +1 craft
Sports Car, Roll 2 dice for movement and add them together
Motorcycle, Roll 2 dice for movement and pick one
Cell Phone, reduce movement to 1
Porn Stash

We would need Mr/Ms. Right Ending cards. All insultingly stereotypical, of course. Each would have a different win scenario for that particular Mr/Ms Right.

And the rule about getting turned into a toad would remain. It makes a certain spiritual sense.

As for expansions, one would be Vacationland! (With the exclamation point, of course.)

Rather than have lives, it might be fun to take a drink instead, with the drunker your character gets, the more problems you have with the character. Each drink gives you +1 to all your rolls, which means if you get drunk enough, you could breeze straight through to Mr. Right.

Spell: Intervention - Target character is now sober.

The four corners would be The City, The Bar, The Town Center, and The Coffee Shop. (This is where you can sober up.) The Graveyard can stay the graveyard.

If you want to sober up a little, you can skip a turn, but it's really better to just press ahead. This is marriage, people.

In the middle region is Your Parent's House (castle), Rocking Party (the hidden valley), the DMV (cursed glade), Your Job (the warlock), and The University (the temple). 

I suppose that the middle would have its own theme. God knows what.

Characters (none of which are politically correct)

Goth Chick
Unemployed Guy
Perpetual Student
Jewish-American Princess
Convenience Store Clerk
Internet Troll
Social Justice Warrior
Idea Thief
Software Pirate
Spreadsheet Wizard

I started off thinking that this idea would be stupid, but now I think this has potential, especially if I could write funny cards and play with a group of highly irreverent people.

1+ drinks,
2+ drinks, On a 1 the person to your left chooses the direction that you move
3+ drinks, On a 1-2 the person to your left chooses the direction that you move
4+ drinks, On a 1-3 the person to your left chooses the direction that you move, reroll all successes once.
5+ drinks, On a 1-4 the person to your left chooses the direction that you move, reroll all successes once, you must stop any any space with a card as you move
6+ drinks, On a 1-5 the person to your left chooses the direction that you move, reroll all successes once, you must stop any any space with a card as you move, you draw one additional card for every space encountered

Alternately, drinks give you a short, one-time bonus, but also give you drinks.
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A special offer to you folks here at DW. Send me your email to my inbox and I will send you a preview of my upcoming Maid series.
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I've sent both Maid of Shadow and Maid of Memory off to my editor for a final round of cleanup editing. Meanwhile, she's hammering through her primary edit of Maid of Hope.

My new series after that is quite a change of pace. Inspired by the JRPG genre, such as Final Fantasy, Crystal Hope follows the exploits of five teenage girls determined to save the Great Crystals by gaining powers and abilities, fighting bosses, and learning to value each other.
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I'm getting close to completing the second leg of my Crystal Hope novellas. I need to start shopping for an artist to do the covers.

I'm still wrestling through the edits on Maid of Shadow. I've got the simple ones done. Now I'm into the two harder sections. The hardest section is where the book turns, and it's hard because it's hard. After that, I'll accept all changes in the document and start reading.

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