Jul. 10th, 2017


Jul. 10th, 2017 08:36 am
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My daughter's swim team continue their division domination. Go team!

The bread for this week is banana bread. My daughter is happy.

We've finally got a line of credit on the house. The paperwork took two months, digging through all my finances. Shit, this stuff used to be easy. You walked in and the bank just gave you too much money because you had a house. Now they required that you aren't money laundering and lying to them or otherwise up to no good. Can you believe that?

The upshot of the credit line is that we can get something fixed around the house fixed if it breaks. I've also got my ass covered if the government goes full dysfunctional and nobody gets paid.

We had dinner over Xpioti's house. I saw her new Mini Cooper and drooled. Yet, I also felt somewhat smug that in that I didn't have such a whiz-bangy car. In the end, I truly prefer simpler. I want cloth seats, a speedometer, and a radio. Everything else is gravy. (Okay, the heating/cooling isn't gravy.) The last thing that I need while driving is a distraction. Give me big, manual controls, baby. Things like fancy roofs don't give me much payback because it's either the wrong kind of weather outside, or I forget that I left the roof open in it thunderstorms because I don't have a garage.
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I'm getting close to completing the second leg of my Crystal Hope novellas. I need to start shopping for an artist to do the covers.

I'm still wrestling through the edits on Maid of Shadow. I've got the simple ones done. Now I'm into the two harder sections. The hardest section is where the book turns, and it's hard because it's hard. After that, I'll accept all changes in the document and start reading.

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