Jul. 3rd, 2017

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Why Didn't Frodo Ride the Eagles to Mordor?

The eagles would be tempted by the One Ring just like everyone else. And, as the Eagles are very powerful beings, they would be tempted far more powerfully than weak beings.

Eagle: What is it that you have there?

Frodo: Nothing.

Eagle: Show it to me.

Frodo: No, it's dangerous.

Eagle: So's flying to Mordor. I'm risking my life for this.

Frodo: I dare not risk it.

Eagle: Is it precious?

Frodo: No. It just needs to be destroyed.


The eagle flips over, dropping Frodo to his doom. Landing, the eagle picks through the corpse, finding the precious One Ring. "It's is mine. My precious. I found it. It's mine!"

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