Jun. 26th, 2017

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Being swim meet season, we had a home swim meet. DesignGirl, who had a fantastic week last week, did slightly less well this week, but still way better than time trials.

We had Aggie over for an extended play date after far too long a gap.

This week, DesignGirl will go to the local maker space for a camp on making videos. She's been wanting to make YouTube videos, so getting a class will help her along. Lords know, I can't, because I know almost nothing of video editing.

This week's bread is white with golden raisins instead of dark raisins. The bread turned out pretty well.

I continue playing too much Ticket To Ride on my Kindle.

I continue liking my new Hyundai. On the highway, it's not quite as stable and even as the Ford had been. In that respect, the Ford's lack of responsiveness worked in its favor. That is more than offset by the everyday, about town handling and significantly better mileage. I can now fit in most parking spaces again, easily. 

We're getting to the end of blueberry season, round 1. Certainly by the end of the week, we'll have picked everything. The rabbit's eye won't be ready until the end of July. Meanwhile, the cherry tomatoes are just hitting ripe. At the back fence, the honeysuckle keeps growing like mad, so I need to figure how to trace down the roots.

Girl Cars

Jun. 26th, 2017 11:40 am
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Just for fun, I looked up "girl cars" on the internet, looking for those cars that MEN should not drive. What a hoot! I laughed my ass off. One site literally called them "gay cars." Surprisingly, my Hyundai Sonata did not land on that list. However, other cars that I lust after were on the list, including the Honda Civic, Mini-Cooper, and the VW Beetle. By far, most of the vehicles listed were family cars, because shit's gotta get hauled, and so do people. One site called all mini-vans girl cars. I almost fell off my seat laughing at that one. One may as well categorize the entire SUV market as gay.

Does that mean that women don't have specific car preferences? No. They do have their own preferences.

Does this mean that manufacturers are gender blind? Of course they aren't. They know what they're doing. There are general gender preferences. But in the end, a car is a car, and you buy what works for you.

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