May. 30th, 2017

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With a cold that wouldn't go away, and a headache to back that, this weekend turned into a futon-fest for me. Depending on how well the meds were working at any particular time, I was either working on a project or laying down.

I rescued a chair on Friday. The front leg was loose and the previous owner had scrawled all over it with paint markers. Fixing the leg required gluing together the anchor back together, as the wood had split. The structure of the leg itself was perfectly good. For the rest of the chair, I sanded it down to bare wood, stained it a rather dull brown, then hand rubbed it with four or five layers of quick drying polyurethane. The results work and look kinda blah, but I didn't spend a nickel. Hopefully, as the wood is exposed to light, it will acquire a golden undertone, in which case it should look fairly gorgeous in about a year.

Jenny''s been working on the blueberry beds. She's manufactured hoops from PVC pipe (bought on super-sale), made some weights from an old  hose and sand, and is now busily dealing with the tulle to cover the whole mess.

I've finally hit the edits for Maid of Memory, and I've been blasting through them pretty quick. Now I'm too rereading my way through the mess, and I'll hit the last few editor notes at the end when I have a better idea of what's going on. Overall, it's looking pretty good. 

My latest distraction is a tablet version of Talisman, just perfect for distracting myself while sick. It didn't cost much and itched that Talisman itch. Now I'm done with it. 
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So what would a misogynistic, anti-matriarchy novel look like? Besides, Gor, which is a excellent example of that genre. (If you need to hate on something relentlessly anti-woman, hate on Gor.)

I'll skip any rape because that's too easy.

I don't actually plan to write this. It is over the top. I mostly want to point out that if a work is misogynistic, you'll know it. There's nothing subtle about it. Subtle is generally lost on literalistic men who just want to see women get beat down. 


Women rule the world with their little selfish fists. While women live a life of idle luxury, men work as slave labor, acting as bulls for a woman's sexual pleasure. Their power is secured by powerful priestesses who use the power of goddesses to guarantee their rule.

A small group of elite gladiators decide that enough is enough. Breaking out in one massive uprising, they plan to kill the high priestesses of all the goddesses. The story follows each gladiator as he slaughters his way through armies of women, only to face an incarnation of radical feminism.
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The Misogynist style novel has some very clear elements necessary to make it misogynist.
  • Alpha-male. It's great to be an alpha-male.
  • Non-alpha males are there to die. They don't rate.
  • Using your stereotypical male traits is the only successful strategy to progress the story.
  • It sucks to be a woman.
  • Women need to be put in their place.
  • Every woman secretly feel the need to be put in  her place.
  • The villain is an alpha male (because nobody else can stand up to an alpha)
  • [sometimes] Alpha-wanna-be who clearly isn't. He dies.
  • [sometimes] Non-alpha sidekick, who's effective only when the alpha's around.
You don't need all the elements.

Note that while there is some violence against some women, it's not wanton violence. The sole purpose of violence against women is to make them passive, to recognize their position in the power dynamic. Once they've accepted their inferior status, a man loses his license for violence, especially as the woman has passed into a state of happiness now that she's found her proper position. Villains, however, don't recognize that distinction, always beating their women. 

I can't state this strongly enough, the goal of a man is to dominate women, not murder them.

Women are wrong when they assert any male traits, such as dominance, power, ambition, cleverness, and the like. These are wild women, and they exist for the hero to tame. Often, they've usurped the order by making men work for them, often using magic or their sexual wiles. Once tamed, they assume docile status.

Is there non-consensual sex? There may be by the villain, because that's what villains do, but as the hero is manly and utterly desirable, a woman is incapable of controlling herself, so she must naturally throw herself willingly onto the hero and fuck for dear life. The hero never needs fear non-consensual sex because, by definition, his mere presence puts women into a consenting status. (The logic really is that stupid.)

Is this ridiculous? Of course it is. It's alpha-male pornography, where the alpha-male character butchers his enemies, accumulates women, and reaps all the rewards of being the alpha. His sidekick might get a girl, too, but not the best. 

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