May. 22nd, 2017

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I'm happy to announce a new-to-me car. I now have a white Hyundai Sonata 2012. She's pretty, handles very close to how my old '96 Outback used to handle, and that was my #1 goal.
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So, I create something that's sexist. I label it as such and believe the label.

Now what?

That is, what exactly does the word "sexist" do besides labeling something as sexist? I guess, maybe if someone speaks widely enough, it could mean a loss of sales. (Hint: That's not much.) Does writing something sexist make me sexist? Is it now fair for someone to walk around saying, "He's a sexist man who writes sexist books?"

A fundamental limit in calling anything sexist is that is just doesn't mean very much. If the consumer cares, it might matter, but that can work both for and against the work, as some folks will use the term "sexist" as a positive because humans are contrary.

So go ahead and state your opinion. I'll keep trying to write non-sexist books and failing, no harm, no foul, not feeling particularly bad about it one way or another. I know that I've written the best that I know how at the time that I've written it.

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