May. 21st, 2017

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Anita Sarkeesian is a moralist.

Just to check up on myself, I looked up "moralist." You should, too. Form your own opinion. Call me out for being wrong and show why.

A moralist is someone who has very strong opinions about what is right and what is wrong. Most moralists are offended when other people don't share their values.

Morals — personal beliefs about what is good or acceptable behavior — are extremely important to a moralist. In fact, moralists tend to feel so strongly about their own rules that they expect others to follow them precisely. The earliest meaning of moralist was simply "moral person," although it came to mean "person who moralizes," or makes authoritative comments on moral issues, often with a sense of superiority. The Latin root word, moralis, means "pertaining to morals."
Does that description look and feel like Sarkeesian? 

And from Wikipedia.

Moralist may refer to:
* one who leads a moral life or is concerned with regulating the morals of others,[1] see Morality;
* a philosopher concerned with moral principles and problems,[2] see Moral philosopher;

We can tell that Sarkeesian is a moralist because she is often citing the objectionable, disgusting, and perverted behavior (and other loaded words) of a different group, in this case men, and those men must change. She (or others) may wrap her herself in the flag of feminism, using it as a vehicle to propel her moralist philosophy, but at her core, what she espouses is moralism and is moralistic.
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A perennial low-key literary form is the photonovel. These area hybrid of comics books and TV shows. Laid out like comic books, complete with word baloons and captions, the images came from the associated film or TV show. In this way, a publisher could produce a child-aimed title quickly and easily. It would contain all the appeal of the actual show while also contain the appeal of a comic book. These were especially popular in the 60's and 70's when you didn't necessarily have cheap access to movies to watch over and over again. Although they're still around, they are not as prominent.

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