May. 20th, 2017

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The suffixes -ism and -ist have very strong associations in the English language to "better than" concepts. Capitalist think that capitalism is the best economic system, white supremicists think that white supremacy is best, and Calvists think that Calvanism is the best Christian doctrine. Indeed, -ist is often use in an accusatory tone, or a way to cohere a belief group, to form those who are "in" vs those who are not.

So who was the brilliant soul (that's sarcasm) who called feminism "feminism" and feminists "feminists?" No matter how egalitarian the original intent, or inclusive the ambition, the definition of feminism is at brutal odds with the English language. And as we have seen over the years, the word feminist has slowly become associated with those who espouse the superiority of women, not merely the normalization of women within society, because that's how an English speaking brain processes the word.

Perhaps its better to say that you aren't a masculianist. That would make far more sense. Masculanism would mean the idea that men are inherently superior to women, which better describes today's society. This would free up the word sexist to stop meaning only the sexism of men, and so include the sexism of one gender vs. any gender. Thus, it becomes just as sexist to say, "Men are just grown boys," as it is to say, "Women are delicate flowers." The feminism would mean women who pose the moral superiority of women, which is how most people misunderstand feminism anyway.

The best result of this revision is that a sexual egalitarianism becomes the default, which is what we want.

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