May. 13th, 2017

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I strive to not be sexist, but as I examine the problem, I see the following practical limitations.
  1. I might be a failure at non-sexism and my work turns out to be sexist.
  2. Anyone sufficiently motivated will find something sexist about what I wrote.
  3. The future will not share today's ideas of sexism, and in re-examining what I wrote, determine that it is sexist.
  4. My writing may not be sexist, but due to a reviewer's lack of skill, they falsely determine that the work is sexist.
  5. My writing may not be sexist by itself, but when look at in the broader scheme, participates in a trend that is sexist.
  6. I may write something non-sexist, but due to its structure resembling something sexist, is just assumed to be sexist.
All that doesn't mean that I'll give up on the goal, but it does mean that I won't go crazy aiming for the goal. Then again, I might just write something sexist because it sells. I'm no saint.

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