Apr. 17th, 2017

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We had a guest about the house in the few days before Easter weekend. I always find that guests get rather under-foot. Together with unfolding the dining room table, and there's less room to squeeze by.

For dinner one night, Jenny made celery soup, which called for dill, so I used half of the remaining dill to make dill bread. The flavor is there but a little on the subtle side, but it works, and know I know that I can add more, but the bread doesn't necessarily need more.

We spent Easter at my cousin's house. We ate the pre-requisite amount of food. Jake will be a father in a few months, so we gave him and his wife a little baby shower. We also successfully gave away our stroller and the child-sized table and chairs sitting in the basement to Rachel, who is also expecting. (We'll deliver the table later.)

My wife told the story of the three guys in the furnace for Saturday night vigil. Once again, I wasn't there, but I read her script and she did an absolutely marvelous job.

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With my daughter, this year has been the year of fewer stories. She just hasn't been demanding them as much or as often, although with an entire Harry Potter series to read, she's been a bit occupied. Her books have been beating out stories. Like a conehead from SNL, she must devour vast quantities.

I'm telling fewer off-the-cuff stories than I've told in years. It's a change, a bit sad, and also a bit restful. Generating new stories every single day gets exhausting. Yet, I also feel my brain stiffening a bit. I don't think that I'm on my storytelling game as keenly as I used to be.

Over the last few months, the stories have centered around Equestria High and Star Wars High, but in the style of "a day in the life of" a particular character. The run is petering out and we haven't yet struck on a new theme.

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