Apr. 14th, 2017

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Car trouble, it's not quite like girl trouble, but it's just as expensive.

My vehicle has these problems:
  • Power drops out randomly, especially as it gets warm. Possibly the coil.
  • An oil leak around the PCV valve.
  • Nails in 3/4 of my tires.
  • One mismatched tire on an all-wheel drive. (I knew about this one already.)
  • An electrical short making the light not work right.
  • An engine mount is broken.
If everything goes well, the repairs will be prohibitive. I'm currently eyeing a Mazda 5 as a replacement, used, 2012 or 2013, somewhere around $9k-$12k. Not quite so big, not quite so gas hungry, and loads of cargo space.
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I visited the credit union and got approval for a used vehicle loan. Not bad. It should cover the cars that I covet. 

Now I gotta sell some books. Forget 'baby needs new shoes,' daddy needs a replacement car.

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