Jan. 16th, 2017

dmilewski: (Macbeth the Usurper)
I spent Saturday helping the fabulous Miss X clean out her basement. She finally kicked her bum out (yay) and not only needs to shove him out the door, but needs to shove out years worth of stuff.

On Sunday, I skipped church and played way too much Fallout 4. I'm not near the end, but I've already decided that this game has too much game play. Even the best RPG has a point where I just get exhausted. Even though there are parts of this game that I like, it's just not working for me as well as the earlier Fallouts. (Incidentally, I had the same feeling with Fallout 2.)

I also did a bit of work on my the folding bookshelf project. I cut the glued up pieces down to size and cut notches on the ends. While I was at it, I cut wood strips for the bottom lips. (Folding bookshelves use these to keep the shelves stable, hooking across the bottom bars.)

Since I have to repaint them, because of the paint making disaster, they need a new sanding to get the mud paint off, and then I'll try clay paint again, or maybe linseed oil paint. (You can also buy flax seed oil at the grocery store. Same thing.)

Today I need to finish moving the mulch pile, buy a few replacement lights, shop for a new winter coat, and do the laundry.

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