Jun. 19th, 2017 08:28 am
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This weekend ended school and began swim team season. DesignGirl swam in freestyle, backstroke, and breast, dropping significant time in every stroke since last week's time trials. Freestyle improved by almost seven second which is huge in swimming. Our team went on to decimate the opposition, winning by a 100 point spread.

On Friday, the my women folk baked me a cake. Two, actually. I had asked for a Portal cake, a cake like the one at the end of Portal. They delivered. Not only that, they produced a second cake, a companion cube, made of fondant. Once again, my family cake decorators hit it out of the park.

For Father's day, we went to Nick's for breakfast. We didn't get there early enough, so we had to wait about for a table, but the diner food was diner food, and that's what I wanted.

Meanwhile, my Crohn's disease decided to flare up, making my digestion rather a more interesting subject that it deserves to be. Tender is the main word here. I wound up laying down at random intervals, amusing myself with the tablet version of Ticket To Ride. 
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