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I bought another waffle iron. I've been so good, but the temptation finally grabbed me. $6 for a Cuisnart Classic Round iron, used. (I don't have the exact model/serial number in front of me.) I haven't tested it yet, but I do look forward to it. While I was at the second hand place, I saw a big Belgian style that also tempted me. I want to go back to see if the plates flip and if it turns into a griddle or something like that.

For those who don't know, I am fully convinced that one day I'll become a hoarder of waffle irons. 

In many ways, I'm late to this waffle iron collecting. When I should have been buying was during high school and just after college. Back then, getting those wonderful stainless steel type irons from the 50's was easy peasy. Now you don't see them around any more. Fortunately, my wife found a nice one somewhere along the line and we still use it. It makes waffles of a useful size and shape.

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