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You don't want kidney stones.

This time passing kidney stones, I could tell that they were moving, so I opted to stay home rather than visit a hospital. At the hospital, the main things that they can do is to give you medical grade painkillers and hold your hand. From experience, I know that the medical grade painkillers don't work against kidney stones, and they don't hold your hand. Quite the opposite, they put you into these stupid back-opening gowns and put you into a room visible from the work area, and as you toss and turn with the stone, you stick you bare butt out at everyone. To make matters more challenging, they put IVs into you to keep you hydrated, which prevent you from tossing and turning. In short, they make an already horrible experience worse. 

At home, I could toss and turn as needed, changing to whatever position was least awful, add clothing to stay warmer, find some measure of comfort in my comfortable places, and when the pain finally subsided, fell asleep on the bathroom floor. That might not be sexy, but I didn't have to pay for it. 

Date: 2017-06-15 07:17 am (UTC)
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aiee. I hope things got better soon

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