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This weekend was the annual church retreat to West River. The weather cooperated marvelously, giving us two wonderful day. With my daughter now being old enough, I could simply ignore what she was up to, trusting that she'd wind up in the right places at the right time.

I used my free time to wrap up the edits on Pabi 2. Yay. It's almost in the bag. Meanwhile, I've switch my wife to editing Pabi 1. Pabi 3 needs its ending rewritten.

I also worked on a son for the Saturday night variety show. I learned "Junk Food Junkie" from 1976. Well, I sorta learned the song. I needed the words held up, and the actual performance was something of a rolling train wreck, but the audience laughed, so it wasn't all bad. I found that whoever did the chords was smoking pot, and I had to redo them. Also, the words of the song were rather challenging as they didn't necessarily respect the musical beats. Yeesh. 

Jenny and DesignGirl, along with the Mansons, did a "Little People" performance. That's where the speaker is themselves, but their arms actually belong to somebody else. In this case, the kids provided the arms. It turned out catastrophically funny.

Jenny also sang "Life's Too Short to Fold Underwear" by Zoey Mulford.

In gardening news, Jenny put in a hoop and tulle system to protect our blueberries, which are now coming in. We got our first harvest on Sunday. The new system makes getting in under the tulle far easier than last year's system (which was just throwing tulle over the bushes). We're weighing down the tulle with short sand-filled garden hoses. 

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